Q&D Wire Cable Assembly

Q&D Wire Cable Assembly is a group of dedicated and seasoned professionals committed to making your job easier. Our extensive & technical experience ensures excellence in our stated capabilities. Beyond providing quality products, we also create and sustain trusted supply chain relationships. Most of all, we are process-focused, resulting in consistent high quality and timely delivery achieved through well-defined, documented, and proven processes. This not only applies to how product is built, but also in every other aspect of our business. This gives you confidence, consistency, and comfort. Our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to quickly understand your needs and offer solutions to many of your nagging problems. Our experience includes working closely with a wide variety of industries, ranging from the highly technical and regulated manufacturers to the small start-up shops.  We are all about being local, affordable, experienced, and friendly!

Q&D provides a unique combination of Service and subcontracted Products to other manufacturers. Our goal is to fully understand your needs and internal systems, and then work closely with you to make your job easier and less stressful. Whether you have a one-time, repetitive, or urgent need, we want to be your support, so you can focus on what you do best – your Core Competency!

As stated in our name, our reputation is built on Quality and Delivery. These are not just buzz words for us, but earned from consistently exceeding customer expectations. We work closely with you to set up interfacing processes that fit your internal systems.  At Q&D we are committed to the achieving the highest moral and ethical standards. (Read our Commitment Policy)

For those familiar with “Lean,” we are your ideal partner. Using our proven Lean experience we can help you implement a seamless Lean Supply Chain!


Robin Klein
Former President – Q&D Manufacturing


Business Partner of the Year

Q&D was recognized by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce at their 11th Annual Crystal Apple Award ceremony  and was honored by being chosen as 1 of 3 (out of 2,500) businesses as the School to Career Business Partner of the Year in recognition for its significant work with the local schools to promote manufacturing as a vocation.





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